Body Massage Therapy


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Aroma Lift Facial

Body Massage Therapy Lifting This is a technique that involves applying energy through the surface of the dermis, by a controlled heating and deep affecting the skin and subcutaneous tissue.

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Body Massage Therapy Collagen Veils

Collagen Veils Over the years our skin and facial muscles tend to lose their tone, firmness, radiance, hydration and various specific factors of cutaneous involution. Each time we do a treatment Volágeno Veils are “regenerating skin” and bring attenuation of surface folds, toning facial muscles, our skin rehydration, encouragement cellular metabolism and soften our skin.

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Body Massage Therapy Acne Back Treatment

Treatment Control and Elimination of Acne and spots

Peeling involves the removal of various layers of the epidermis to promote skin regeneration. The peel or skin exfoliation are to produce the renewal of the surface layers of the skin producing a rapid cell turnover.indicated to treat scars, acne vulgaris and its aftermath and to remove stains.

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Facial Cleansing

Facial Cleansing

Deep cleaning helps keep the skin clean, healthy and beautiful. The objective is to remove facial cleansing the skin surface impurities are facials During cleansing, exfoliating, activating the circulation and nourishing the skin.

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Body Massage Therapy Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush Makeup

Hygiene and asepsis: No need direct contact with the surface and applies without brush or sponge. Perfect finish: To be distributed in the form of small particles product diffusion becomes more evenly. Great coverage: For the same reason as above, its special way to spread makes the coverage is greater. Factly: Although this make-up we benefit from greater coverage, the result is much more natural than we get with other type of application.

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Body Massage Therapy Eyebrow Design with Hindus threads

Eyebrow Design with Hindus threads

It is a very old technique popular in India for shaving the eyebrows. The hair is removed using cotton thread. Its advantages are many: it does not cause irritation or skin rash. is more accurate than the wax and can be used from the first appearance of hair. Is more durable and less painful than tweezers and wax massage effect thanks to the thread provided in mining areas, the sessions become a relaxing time. It is a completely natural antiallergic method also prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

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