Sunmudo Zen martial art

Sunmudo Zen martial art

zen martial art by centuries it is being considered secret knowledge of the Korean monks. By harmonizing the mind, breathing and body the training allow to enter a perfect spiritual concentration.
“Path of Zen martial arts”. It is goes back to a centuries-old, from monastic tradition, with the Chinese tradition related to “kung fu”. It was dictated especially in South Korea at the “Golgulsa” training temple. Its goal is not only to teach self-defense in the classical sense, but to use martial art techniques not mediated by what the practitioner is closest to the deepest core of their being, their “true nature”. SunMuDo combines Zen meditation, yoga, Taichi and Qi-Gong with traditional Korean martial arts. Its energetic and dynamic approach promotes mobility and flexibility of the body. Attentive and regular practice improves the sense of balance and harmony between body and mind. Strengthens muscles and helps prevent and relieve back and joint pain. In Sunmudo breathing plays an important role for work. Promotes the welfare and “inner peace” of the practitioner. Therefore, everyday stress can be managed better and, therefore, a better quality of life can be achieved.
The center of sunmudo is a temple Golgulsa in South korea, and the grandmaster Jeong Un in 1990 decide to open access to mastering of techniques to foreigners
Sunmudo in Korea is not consider a sport, because people can practice at any age and it doesn’t have any limitation on your health conditions. It is helps to harmonized of the mind, breathing and body, and the training allow to enter a perfect spiritual concentration.
Therefore practice it is possible to engage in any age without limitations of the state of health

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