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Massage Jaco Healing Arts & Spa Goal Enriching your spirit with balance, serenity and harmony is essential to nourishing the soul

Jaco Healing Arts is a place to balance and energize the body, mind & soul. Bringing you the best in health, home and beauty

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“Because Every life Should Be Grande”

Why we are best? Massage Jaco Healing Arts & Spa Our team is fully licensed – having finished a minimum of 600 hours of hands-on training and education. Although most of our licensed Therapists have far more experience, that’s the standard we set so you receive a consistent and professional treatment every time you visit Massage Jaco


Beautiful space close to the beach
Do you need to refresh yourself and your skin from too much beach time? We are just a short walk to the beach in Jaco Walk
10 Years Experience in Spa & Yoga
Our team has been teaching yoga and working in spas intentionally for over 10 years. Come in and let them use their expertise to guild you into health and harmony.
Xpress Spa

Short on time? No problem we have plenty of express services we can offer. We know you have a lot of activities to do and places to explore here in Costa Rica.

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Top 12 Tips for Curing Acne
Our Best and Easy ways for Therapy
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Massage Jaco Healing Arts & Spa The Team

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Elisa Echeverri

Wellness Specialist

Our founder Elisa has been working since 2006 as a Massage Therapist and Cosmetologist. She has a degree in Massage Therapy from IDETEC – Colombia 2008, Cosmetology with emphasis on pre- post surgery degree from ISES – Colombia 2007, She took several corses trained in several Asian healing arts like Thai Massage, Auriculoterapia, Shiatsu etc. In 2015 she got certified in Neural Linguistic Programing Master Coach through the society of NLP MT. She is an international Holistic Therapist that worked as an Instructor of Cosmetology at Gran Colombia, Chia- Colombia 2007. Then she worked as a Coordinator at Indira Galvis Wellness Center, Chia- Colombia 2007. In 2008 Elisa open Lorena Moreno Wellness Center, Chia – Colombia, and worked as Instructor of Cosmetology and Massage Therapy at IDETEC, Cajica- Colombia. 2010 she travel to Canada for 2 years as a Cosmetologst and Massage Therapist at Grande Spa & Boutique- AB, and Bouvardia Spa – Burlington. In 2012 She move back to Colombia and worked as a teacher of Holistic, and Massage therapy at the government institution in Colombia SENA and also open Sibarita Centro de Mejoramiento.2013 She traveled around South America to learn from traditional native healers. 2016 She was at Sunmudo Zen instructor course, Golgusa temple, Gyongju, South Korea for three months. Elisa is currently study Tibetan Medicine. Elisa finds that the best treatment (from a holistic point of view) is to give back the vital energy, guide clients to awakening their inner self and to help them master their human vehicle so they can accomplish their full potential. Massage Jaco Healing Arts & Spa

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    Easy to give. Delicious to enjoy Massage Jaco Healing Arts & Spa
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    Easy to give. Delicious to enjoy - Massage Jaco Healing Arts & Spa

    Massage Jaco Healing Arts & Spa
    You Don’t Just Want a Massage
    just the word makes you want to close your eyes and take a deep sigh. So much more than just a relaxing pastime, massage therapy is one of the best ways to maintain your already good health.
    Oh- you didn’t know that massage could do more than just make you feel good?
    There are many reasons to get a massage regularly. Above all, it keeps you healthy.

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