Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage

 CorporalesBambu Massage Therapy 

Alternative relaxation therapy and physical improvement that profoundly stimulates the skin, muscle, adipose tissue and nervous system (body and face) by the soft and pleasant contact with different bamboo applied to each body area, as if the patient’s need.


Completely natural therapy based on applying pressure to specific reflex points of the feet. Each point corresponds to a body part and working them are stimulating nerve endings and blood circulation, in addition to relieve accumulated tension and eliminate toxins.


 Thalasso therapy

Is a therapeutic method based on the use of sea salt, seaweed, mud and other substances extracted from algae application mar.La supplied to the marine organism and vitamins which have antibiotic, anticancer, antioxidant, antiviral and delay skin aging.

pareja5Lava Luxury Hot Stone Massage

 The volcanic stones have a conductive and magnetic properties that no other stone can match. When used in combination with a therapeutic massage, revitalize the body and oxygenate the skin deeply.

image373 Thai Massage

It is a stretch massage and depth not used oils. The purpose of Thai massage is to harmonize, ensure optimum flow and stimulate all the energy of the patient’s body and balance the functions of the 4 basic elements of the body: Earth: solid particles (bones, muscles) Water: Blood and secreciones.El Fire: digestion and metabolism. – The Air: breathing and blood circulation.

image367Pindas Massage  

Pindas in the preparation are composed of some medicinal herbs essential oils mixed with are inserted into small bags that are heated by steam, for application to the skin in turn soaked almond oil quality.


Swedish Massage

In this treatment essential oils are used to avoid friction with the skin and facilitate the movements and manipulations. The number of benefits offered is impressive relaxes muscles, improves circulation, relieves pain due to muscle tension, desligamientos, sciatica, and stiff joints, speeds recovery of muscle tissue and helps eliminate toxins.


 Prenatal Massage

It is a body therapy focused on the special needs of the body of the mother who acts in preventing and relieving many discomforts that occur in the gestation period. It also has a direct influence on fetal development, helping to create more healthy and restful uterine environment.

image379Coco Nut Massage

The shape and texture of polished thin coconut offer unique sensations during the massage that recall the softness of the waves and the firmness of the body of the Tahitians. The only gesture unreleased alternate manual techniques and surprising shifts of the coconut to highlight the contours of the body and provide a firming effect markedly

image381Balinese Massage

This exotic massage is characterized by long, slow hand movements that help improve blood circulation, benefit the lymphatic system and regenerate the skin. It has multiple benefits restore harmony to the body, unblocks the flow of energy, positively influences the circulation of blood and lymph, strengthens the immune system of the body, relaxes muscles and improves body mobility.

image383Relieving massage

It is a technique using deeper pressure on the muscles. This massage is less emphasis on pleasure as a primary objective and more emphasis on altering the structures and muscle spasms.

image385 MTPR Massage or Katapeteo

It is a method of therapeutic massage feet. MTPR action on tissues generates a first neurochemical reaction that produces a sedative effect that relaxes the body and stimulates the immune system., Has a very high antidepressant and stressing effect..

Deep TissueDeep Tissue

A deep tissue massage should “hurt good.” Your therapist will use deep pressure to get in to the muscles and work out your aches. Deep tissue is good for breaking down knots and releasing tension. A deep tissue massage can be intense

image387Emotional Therapy (E.F.T)

It is a technique includes tapping, neurolinguistic programming and energy release aimed at the release or emotional balance, acts in restructuring the electromagnetic field of the body and to balance this field, positive emotion .Help is improved to increase and maintain positive emotions, will accompanied by flower essences

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