About Me

lore Elisa Echeverri

 Is a Massage Therapist who also studied holistic therapist, acupressure, thai massage, and cosmetology and some very special  training in essentials oils and auriculoterapy from IDETEC, Colombia.  She worked as a teacher ( Holistic therapies, and  massage therapist)   in the government institution in Colombia  SENA.  Attempting to understand all the body  process  and  how   human being lives all those. She visit around south America, where she share with  some spiritual leaders, on their spiritual awakening and ancestral healing  knowledge.  From them  She find the best treatment ( from the holistic point view)  to give  back the vital energy

The philosophy of her program is based on detoxify the body being  the   only way to get  regeneration  and rejuvenation to allow  us to  get back the vital energy and the balance

It became clear to her that wellness of the human being  ( mind, body and spirit, all perfectly connected) was the inspirational path in her life.

Healing for Elisa embodies the well being of body, mind  and spirit. We need to have clarity in our actions, and  understanding of our inner self, plus the capacity to let thinks go, in order to live a balanced, productive life full of peace of mind and understanding of our essence and emotions.

Elisa approaches their clients with the mentality that different person require different types of cleansing with respect to their respective lifestyles. Call it different strokes for different folks. The type of detox used to different people is dependent on one’s body type, constitution, lifestyle and diet..

Melancholy occurs when the body has forgotten to being”


You, my guess, will feel comfortable and transformed by Elisa healing hands

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