Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology


What is foot reflexology?

It is a manual alternative therapy, its foundations come from ancient medicines, such as Chinese, Egyptian or Hindu, which is based on the pressure on the reflex zones of the body that we find in the feet, because in them we have reflected our whole body.

Our feet are connected to all the vital organs of our body. The foot and its sole represent in schematic form the totality of the body and its organs. This is the principle of foot reflexology.



What does it consist of?

The therapy consists of pressing certain areas of the foot to stimulate self-healing. This is achieved, according to Eastern theory, through the energy channels or by the nervous system, according to Western theory.

By pressing and massaging these points, different ailments are relieved, and the state of health is improved.

Occasionally, it will help you to relieve pain or treat specific symptoms. Regularly, you will help a diseased organ to function better, improve circulation, promote the elimination of toxins, or prevent various ailments.


What is the treatment like?

To perform a reflexology session, the first thing to do is to seek the comfort of the person who will receive the treatment. For this, the massage room should have a good stretcher that contributes to the relaxation and well-being of the person receiving the treatment.

Once the person is placed in a comfortable position, the therapist puts in his hands a few drops of vegetable oil or cream that will spread gently on both feet, this helps to soften the hands of the therapist, the feet of the person being treated and the manipulation of the area is easier and more effective treatment.


Is applied with kneading and back and forth movements (starting at the ankles and ending at the tips of the toes, and then repeated in the opposite direction) these movements are very relaxing and stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation.

From there begins the reflexology treatment, and both the therapist and the depth of its digit pressures, will be adapted to the person who is going to receive it.

The treatment can be either general, working the points of the feet by zones through different reflexology techniques, or focused on a more specific problem, which will have to focus on the point or specific area where the body part to be treated is reflected.


What does foot reflexology treat?

The anomalies that may exist in our body, such as low back pain or a headache, are detected by the pain that occurs at the slightest pressure on the foot at the corresponding point where the lumbar area or head is reflected.

Foot reflexology can address everything from headaches to sinus and stomach problems. With continuous pressure and management of the nerve endings, reflexology helps to eliminate blocked energy pathways.

It is a therapy that, from the feet, treats the whole person: physically, psychologically, emotionally and energetically”.



What are the benefits of foot reflexology?

The benefits of this type of reflexology are physical, emotional and mental. Among some of them, we highlight the following:


· Cleanses the body of toxins, balances energy.

· Stimulates the immune system, prevents colds and diseases.

· Increases energy, relieves stress and anxiety.

· Improves blood and lymphatic circulation.

· Relieves pressure on legs and feet in pregnant women.

· Treats liver dysfunction, constipation, chronic headaches and skin allergies.

· Promotes the activity of internal organs.

· Improves postoperative pain and chemotherapy.

· Makes feet more flexible and stronger

· Decreases physical recovery time

· Increases the feeling of well-being.

· Helps eliminate lactic acid

· Deep relaxation

· Cause sediment and debris to dissolve at the site of origin of energetic blockages

· Release the energy of any blockages to circulate and flow throughout the organism

· Normalize the organic and glandular functioning


And for runners

When you run, your feet receive a force equivalent to ten times your body weight. In other words, they take a huge impact with each stride. And that stress and impact, over time, translates into a buildup of lactic acid, tension and stiffness that can lead to everything from pain to injury, such as plantar fasciitis or tendonitis. And all of this can be avoided thanks to foot reflexology.


Additional Information

In Angiology, foot reflexology can be a supportive therapy along with lymphatic drainage or as a sole therapy can stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, as well as can help balance the nervous system and explore other possible causes of the pathology.

If lately you have a lot of muscle pain, you feel tired physically and mentally, suffer an injury or do not get to run as you would like, try foot reflexology, you will not only pamper and care for your feet but also your mind.

The purpose of reflexology is to release stress, release nervous system blockages and stabilize the patient’s energy.


With our foot massage you can not only treat and prevent ailments, but also provide wellness and relaxation.

If all types of massage are wonderful, this one will undoubted

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