Ear Candle or Coning at Jaco

Ear coning at Massage jaco

Ear Candle or Coning at Jaco

Do you your ears feel blocked up? Where are you enjoying Jaco Beach and after being in the water your ear just got block it? Our treatment of ear candling or Corning at our Spa at Jaco it is an alternative remedy that it is used to draw out impurities and wax from the inner ear. The candle or coning therapy it could help you to clear and star to ear again.

How the ear candle works by creating the perfect warmth suction. It is when it suction pulls out impurities and wax form the channel of the ear.
The earwax naturally it is a protection of the ear, but in some cases, it is produced in excess until it block the ear canal production a swallow or blocking the ear. Although when you are at the water surfing or swing the experience a wave on your ear it could also give you blocking sensation

The benefit of the ear candle

  • treat sinus infections
  • reverse and improving hearing loss
  • it helps to remove sore throat
  • eliminate headaches and migraine
  • improving mental clarity.

When I can use it

  • ear dizziness
  • aching in the affected ear
  • ringing  or fullness in the ear
  • impaired hearing in the affected ear


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